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Some thoughts on Food Projects

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As my actual attendence to the Town Hall hinges on the end time of a weekend workshop, I wanted to pose some questions to the organizers of Maker Faire Austin with regards to food at the event, both exhibition and concession.


Maker Faire's diverse offerings in terms of homebrewed projects, crafts, art, etc was fantastic last year - and I want that same level of excitement, energy and variety in the food.  I am a marketing coordinator and current student at the Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts, a natural foods culinary school that focuses on health and balance through a primarily plant-based diet.  I'd love to see an opportunity with Maker Faire to not only engage my school, but other culinary programs and local food businesses in Austin.  Whether that engagement comes in the form of cooking demonstrations, hands-on cooking lessons, lectures about food, health, etc - I think there's a wealth of untapped resources that 2008's Maker Faire could greatly benefit from. 


From what I've heard from organizers/key volunteers of last year's Maker Faire, there was an issue with vendors selling cooked items on site due to fairground regulations with concessions.  I was wondering it this was at all negotiable or if we could brainstorm loopholes to get better quality food for sale to Maker Faire patrons.  People I'd spoken with about the food expressed their disappointment at the dearth of food options - in particular vegetarian or 'healthy' options.  Granted, I am biased with my own dietary preferences - but I think offering a broader array of choice to Maker Faire attendees would be beneficial to all involved - the local businesses that get a boost in exposure to the community, Maker Faire and its overall quality perception and the attendees who do not have to resort to eating over-priced, poorly prepared food from disaffected vendors.


In any case, I'd love an opportunity to help bring more local businesses and natural foods, vegetarian, etc options to Maker Fair Austin.  Given the integration of the school into the Austin community, we have an extensive network of potential participants including Dhaba Joy (vegan cafe connected to Toy Joy), DaVine Foods, Chomp! Cookies, Nada-moo Dairy-free Ice Cream, Daily Juice, etc.

In the event that I do not make this Town Hall, please do feel free to contact me:


Winnie Hsia

917.969.1913 / 512.476.2276



Thanks all!

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