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Film and Video

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Film/Video Group Project




Ideas from Town Hall 6/1/08


The basic idea is to have a space at the Faire where there can be some hands-on filmmaking. There needs to be space to have some props and things as well as some basic video equipment. In a grander vision, there would also be some quick and dirty editing stations set up to cut some things together shot on-site to be projected later.


Tim League's mobile projection screen factors in as part of the Film exhibit, but is also a separate thing. Same for the 48 Hour Slasher Film competition. It's part of the Maker Faire Film/Video exhibit and its own entity separate from it.



John Funk's basic conception is that he wants to expand his Maker Faire demo from last year to make it more interactive. There, he showed some rough demos of his science fiction project, but this time he wants to bring some of the remade action figures and possibly the paints and costumes used to transform standard toys into new creations for making movies with. The idea is to ignite the imaginations of children who have toys lying around and (these days) access to basic video and video editing.


Rob probably wants to concentrate more on some filmmaking basics that even kids who are video-savvy might not know. He also thought that it might be possible to get some local actors to participate in video exercises, so that kids work with actual actors instead of just other kids.




There is a need for projectors and/or monitors at the film/video exhibit. The idea was floated to use those low priced Flip cameras for the exhibit. Getting those donated for the weekend would be nice.


--Instead of flip cameras, how about hacking some CVS cams? Practically the same thing, and I could have a batch done very rapidly. We could approach Adobe, ask them if they'd mind sponsoring us some Premiere Elements-based edit stations. Either that, or have Canon sponsor it...the HV20/30 are very hacker-friendly and have a rich community behind them. 



Organizations to Contact

Based upon this, we went through a list of local organizations who might listen to a version of the above pitch and decide that they want to donate, sponsor, attend, or help:


  1. Austin Film Society - Especially those involved in the film education program with

    local schoolkids, as they would be the best people to have on site.

  2. Austin Film Festival - This happens the same month as the Faire, so probably everyone there will

    be too busy to worry about something else. But it's still worth letting them know in advance about

    Maker Faire and letting people there decide if they want to help.

  3. PACT - Austin public access cable has people and equipment.

    To-Do: Contact producers there to see if any want to help. Use PACT bulletin board, etc.

  4. Network Austin Mixer - Definitely should be mentioned at multiple meetings leading up to the

    Faire. Which means I need to start going to those again.

  5. Austin Film Guerilla - A blog / bulletin board site that would be a good place to put notices as

    things gear up.

  6. Austin Film Works - Another local film school that might have equipment or people to donate.
  7. Austin School of Film - Another local film school that might have equipment or people.
  8. Reel Women - Another community resource to draw upon.
  9. Dell C.H. (?) - Not sure what C.H. stands for, but this was listed under "outreach to kids".
  10. S.V.F.X. - "Lighting - Editing - Sound"
  11. Gindie.com
  12. Dan Eggleston - Yahoo Group
  13. Omega Broadcast Group for Camera Rentals
  14. DVInfo.net - Chris Hurd is based in San Marcos, might be willing to promote it to his group.
  15. I'm a officer of the Central Texas Videographers Association and the DFW-PVA, as well as a member of the DFWAUG (Adobe Users Group)...could have staff on hand to help demonstrate editing techniques, definately willing to promote it.

    16. GEAR - gearrental.com - Local Austin motion picture and grip/electric equiptment rental house. Originally located within the 501 Studios on east 5th,

          now @ east Ceasar Chavez near Hwy 183. - They've done specials and select rental packages catering -$ student/guerilla/indie projects + there's a

          chance the folks there would be interested in the Maker Faire. (512) 485.3131 - If you do call, try asking for Toby Stoner; he's an awesome fellow :)

    17. For the screening room, maybe try contacting Shanta Stevens regarding use of his projector.

    18. Other organizations to check out for research and networking are the Texas Motion Picture Alliance @ www.TXMPA.org/, the TX Film Commission @

          www.governor.state.tx.us/film/ + the union Local 484 studio mechanics of Texas @ http://www.iatse484.org/



Group members




Silona's original starter suggestions:


  • A session that will be all about independent documentation of projects and cover basic camera work, tips, editing and effects.


This is definitely what we're planning to do.


  • How about an independent screening room going all day with various films? Worked out great at BarCampIII, and would give people a place to chill and cool down between events. Could tweak it out, make it feel really old-school if you want to keep with the circus-gone-wrong theme of the Cali faire.


A very good idea, and later on I should move this to the top of the page. Requires: A room, a projector, a DVD player and/or computer, possibly a miniDV deck.


-- Thanks, those were mine. :) I have everything except the room. It'd be cool if we could get some used theater chairs or shave some cars so it feels like a drive-in.-RH

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