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  • Invite additional communities in Austin including sustainable/renewable energy, community bike projects, furniture making/woodworking, textile/clothing artists, community garden people, and crafts/trade experts who can give demonstrations or presentations on their knowledge and skills
  • Outreach to a broader cultural spectrum of Austin via Spanish language media, neighborhood groups, community centers. Consider subsidizing ticket costs if purchased through schools or community centers.
  • Several available stages for pre-scheduled presentations - Short (20-30 minutes), "introduction-to" topics (e.g. intro. to electronics, photovoltaic, welding or soldering, robotics, sound engineering, etc. giving broad-overview for newbies & kids
  • Target Local Homeschool Groups/Families



  • Young age range
    • Schools
      • Austin ISD http://austin.isd.tenet.edu/
      • Surrounding school districts
      • So do we want to go through the list of school districts in the surrounding areas, or maybe go through the Texas Education Agency to get a list of email addresses of people to contact? Since it's October, volunteers can probably drop by during the opening weeks of school and drop off some flyers, a little 'kit' for bussing out kids to the event. I.e., a flyer + contact information. What would this flyer need to have?
  • Maker interest groups
  • Community service & volunteer organizations
  • Austin Electrical Vehicle evangelicalism?
  • [Carpooling] roundups
  • Bussing schedules and related [transportation]
  • Austin Chamber of Commerce http://www.austin-chamber.org/






Community website for the 'leftovers' of the Austin Maker Faire? Do we want to throw up a dot-org for organizing the community that goes through? Have some handouts, flyers, etc., pass them out at the door, cite some weekly events afterwards that can be very very tiny followup events or ways to keep track of what's going on from each of the groups, etc.

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